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Country Sad Ballad Man

3 December 1987
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I'm 22 and I come from tha there Nooooorfolk where we're all legally entitled to say such phrases like "Oh My Chroist!" and "Tha be rooooight m'boy!" (we do not make exceptions to girls either, they are also known as "m'boy") and I attend one of those colleges where learning is on the top of their agenda. Should be at one of those there uniiiivers-cities soon thoooough because oi thunk tha would be roight up moi street y'know (yes, we also add "y'know" to the end of our sentences as well). Oh yeah, I am also a Walpolian and have noticed on my travels that many places are named after my surname but to my knowledge nobody in my family owns these places or any land there so we probably don't have too much power over this country...just the names of certain areas. I can get easily muddled up with things so I find that the saying "patience is a virtue" is pretty much applicable for people when they're around me. Oh yeah, and I'm a boy called Simon. You may call me Simone if you wish or any other nickname you desire.

80s culture, 90s culture (britpop especially), adopting various voices, air drumming, air guitaring, air vocalising, avoiding cars, being unknowingly stupid, blur, bowie, cheese, chewing stationary, chocolate, collecting train tickets, comedy (surreal stuff mainly), confusing people and myself, cups of tea, daydreaming, drinking, dropping items in fans, food, gallavanting, gaming, gigs, humphrey bogart, laughing, making people happy, making strange faces, manics, music, reading, resident evil, the who, using trolleys as cars, writing on my hand